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Portable UV Lamp LED Dry Nail Kit Manicure Nail Tool Set - 45W

Portable UV Lamp LED Dry Nail Kit Manicure Nail Tool Set - 45W

Portable UV Lamp LED Dry Nail Kit Manicure Nail Tool Set - 45W

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100% new high quality

Portable and durable, easy to carry and light weight

Low noise and vibration for smooth long-term operation

1. USB nail lamp: Highly equipped with 18 UVA and LED lamp beads: simulate sunlight, no eye damage, no black hands, and large space

2. USB Nail Polishing Pen:The motor is not hot, the noise is low, and the service life is longer. Adjust the speed controller with chip to make the speed regulation more stable and smooth. The switch button does not stick to the hand, the experience is better.

3. Nail painting pen: customized for beginners, high-quality bristles, affordable, cost-effective, this is a nail pen set tailored for beginners. Complete range of pens, 15 brushes plus 5 embellishment pens, a total of 20 pens are suitable for painting, drawing, gradient, blooming and other styles of operation.

4. Spiral rod point pen: five colors and ten specifications to meet different needs of customers

5. 10 volumes of gold heel thread: Random colors, easy to create your own exclusive shape

6. Grinding strip: sand strip 100/180, thickness 45mm, different sandpaper, nail shaping is easier, used to sharpen nail edges and remove nails

7. Polishing strip: sand strip 600/3000, thickness 7.4mm, sandpaper is delicate, green side is used for nail finishing, white side is used for polishing nail surface, make it bright

8. Claw brush: clear nail dust

9. Nail stickers: 4

Package Included:

15 painted pens + 5 point drill pens + 10 gold and silver manicure lines + one polished block + 4 nail polish stickers + 2 nail polish strips + one nail horn brush + a set of USB nail lamp lights + a set of USB nail polish pen

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