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Charger Dock with LED for Nintendo Switch Type-C

Charger Dock with LED for Nintendo Switch Type-C

Charger Dock with LED for Nintendo Switch Type-C

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- The charging station allows you to securely store and charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers simultaneously OR FOR SWITCH PRO.

- The appearance of the product is novel and lightweight, easy to use, convenient, and practical.

- This stand use USB-5V to charge, easier for controller charging from Switch, PC, and other 5V adapters.

- Need not to use Switch Console or original adapter.

- Distinct dual colored LED light indicator showing charge status: Charging: Red; Fully Charged: Green.

- Low-profile design is ideal for all entertainment centers, which can be used as a storage dock when it is not in use.

- It keeps your devices fully charged organized and ready for action.

- Type C cable can be used for charging Nintendo Switch and Type C port Android phones, like Samsung S8, LG G6, Xiaomi 5/6, Huawei P9/P10, and more.


1. Connect the USB cable to the device with standard USB_5V output or the transformer interface.

2. Connect the MICRO plug of the USB charging cable to the MICRO socket of the charging base.

3. The 4 transparent square columns are illuminated by the emerald green light source, which indicates that the charging seat is electrified.

4. Insert the Switch controller hanging on the charging stand, if the transparent square column out of the emerald green light becomes red, indicating that it is charging.

5. Sustained green bright when fully charged.

6. Can simultaneously charge four Switch controllers.


Material: ABS

Color: Black

Configuration:4 FOR Joy-Con controllers, 4 FOR Joy-Con controllers simultaneously + FOR SWITCH PRO

Type C cable length: 88cm/2.89ft (Approx.)

Scope of application: Switch Controller

Input voltage: DC 5V

Charging current: 200mA * 4, Max=220mA * 4

LED Indicator: Charging: Red; Fully Charged: Green


Package Included:

1 X Charging Stand

1 X Type C Charging Cable (Pls note the Joy-Cons are not included)

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